Our Process

At Katriona Alice, we pride ourselves on providing a flexible service. Each project will start with us listening to your specific requirements and vision – we can build our design ideas from this starting point. We’ll then set a budget, clear style objectives and a timeline and get going on our design concept.

We’ll oversee works throughout the complete process. Following agreement on the concept, we will collaborate with you and appointed specialist contractors to produce detailed specifications for every required element from colours, fabrics and furnishings to light solutions. We like to be transparent and keep an open line of communication open at all times, meaning we are always just a text or picture away from any troubleshooting you may have.

Your first appointment will be £100, including travel, but this will be deducted from your final bill should you choose to proceed with our service. Prices are based on square metres and project type. 

Design Ethos

First and foremost, we love creating beautiful spaces that work for each individual clients’ needs. We believe in a layering of ideas as there is no one-size-fits-all solution.


We spend time getting to know you, discussing your day-to-day routines to understand what is required in your space, from practical needs such as storage and plumbing to space to cook and relax. From this we can establish how you will live in and utilise your home and we will develop your concepts, sketches, plan and purchasing needs.

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